A Reminder

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

So Tatay and I had a little debate over some unfortunate circumstance, the reason we, or is it just me, not wanting to go back to my mom's house even just for a short visit. That was the other night, as usual for us when we get in heated arguments, we ignored each other until the next morning, yesterday.

I slept late the night before 'cause I was looking for some entertainment to take off my annoyance before going to sleep. I watched Mary Poppins, it did little good though. So I decided to lie down and get some ebook reading, the moment I lay down, I fell right asleep. It's so exhausting to be angry. The next morning I still felt like shit. I some slice of bread didn't even took a bath 'cause Tatay was fixing the bathroom door and I was late for work. Shit just got bigger, you know?

My time in the office went pretty fast, the next thing I know I'm on my way home but went to Save More first,stalling for some more shit  I have to go home to. It was my first time in that shop. The shop's great, very convenient indeed and people are friendly there which made me not want to come home more but unfortunately they're about to close any minute.

So I got home ate grudgingly that delicious soup Tatay cooked, took a bath and watched Kite OVA, just for the hell of it. It's not that violent like what I read in the reviews, it's more porn I think. I was expecting Sawa and Oburi to do it but they didn't. Instead those old perverts were the ones displaying their d*cks. Anyway, I lay down after that so Zoey can sleep and I was thinking after Zoey slept to get back on the internet. But I never got to.

It was very instant. I was tickling Zoey before I get her to sleep and we were just playing around, I got too comfortable in bed, I guess and felt sleepy. I turned my back to Zoey so she'll sleep for real knowing that I too am asleep. I was fully covered in my blanket because it was already a cold night and drizzling. That moment I heard Gang-Gang coming in, with cake from Keifer's weekly celebration. Tatay and Zoey got up from bed to eat cake, I wanted to but I couldn't stand up. I noticed I was shivering, but I ignored it. The next thing I knew my whole body was shivering but I didn't felt any cold. I assessed my self if I had fever, no I didn't think I had. My body temperature felt okay. Tatay called me to have cake, he noticed my shivers and also felt my forehead for fever, but negative. At this point I couldn't control my shivers. My legs and arms were sore from muscle strains, my shivering was so erratic that I was having a hard time breathing at some point.

The Lord has a funny way of reminding me how blessed I am to have Tatay. Because of our misunderstanding, my mind was making bullet points of anything negative about Tatay. He might not be the bread winner in our family, bu he sure is taking good care of us all. Tatay fed me cake and let me take my medicine and even sacrificed by turning off the fan in our room, that's a big deal!

Today I woke up grateful to the Lord and Tatay for taking care of me and not let anything happen to me. It might have just been pasma but it was the first time that I have experienced that and at some point I was afraid my heart beat would stop right then and there. Paranoid, much? It was very calming when Tatay massaged my legs and body.

He might be the biggest asshole when we fight but when it comes to him being there when you need him the most, he's like some super hero. Never failed.. yet!


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