How to Train a Dragon?

Monday, August 05, 2013

Regardless of the personality type, God asks us to be patient. God wants us to "know" each child and adapt our parenting style to each particular personality.
Right now I can't really say what kind of kid Zoey is yet. One thing's for sure, she's not a weak one. Well maybe I do have an idea of what she might become. Hear are what I've observed of my dearest:

she's bossy
she doesn't take NO so greatly
either she's shy or a snob, I really can't tell
she likes listening to music and a little dancing
she can play on her own
when with a playmate, she starts off okay, but fights with them later on
she can be energetic in times you're not and downright lazy when you have the energy (and all that energy wasted in carrying her)
she has a good memory
she likes cars, planes, bikes
she's not a smiler

The lists will go on and on... but basically my kid is no angel and is just acting her age. Tatay keeps reminding me, not literally but by his actions, that I should learn how to compromise and go along with Zoey. Like when Zoey starts slapping me in the face, I always yell for Tatay so he can stop and deal with lecturing Zoey, and this kid is such a smart ass that in time she started seeing how it annoys me, that she keeps doing it on purpose. We drive Tatay crazy but I just don't wanna deal with it cause part of the reason is maybe I'll hit her back. Immature, right?

I realize where my faults lie. I'm always thinking I'm the greater parent compared to Tatay, but you see it in how Zoey's so willing to fight me for Tatay's attention. Even I admit that she loves her Tatay more than anything. What's worse is I don't even come second because of her nannies. Yes, I'm always third.

But I shouldn't give up right? I should pitch in in the disciplinary department, in fact, it should be me. I can't make my work as an excuse.

Spiritual wisdom can be passed along by helping the child explore the reasons for his actions.

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