Dreaming of Thelma

Friday, August 02, 2013

Earlier this week I had my first dream since we moved in our new "flat." It was about a girl and her name was Thelma. I know, right? The first person that came to mind was the Thelma from one of my favorite movies ever, Thelma and Louise starring Susan Sarandon as Louise and the classic beauty Geena David as Thelma. But I don't think it was that Thelma 'cause if it was her I was dreaming about, I would've had the best dream yet because I love Geena Davis.

Anyways, as always I don't remember the details to the dream, it was something like I was interviewing her and she was an applicant and that's how I came to know her name, and it was weird 'cause assuming it was her resume I was holding, on the left indentation of her resume there she wrote her name in big bold letters written like this: T.H.E.L.M.A. I don't know why she wrote it that way, maybe her name is not Thelma at all and those were the initials of her name, well that's a pretty long name, if it were really initials... and I'm blabbering.

So here was the funny part, embarrassing actually, towards the end of the dream, I felt Tatay stroking my waist, I knew then that in real life he was really doing it while we were sleeping, so I guess that's when I knew I was dreaming but then I was still embarrassed that Tatay was doing that, so I kept tapping his hand so he'd stop. I was thinking, "Tatay, stop! Thelma's here! What are you doing?!" LOL yeah, I'm a lunatic!

I had to wake up 'cause Tatay wouldn't stop stroking my waist and hugging me and I was already so embarrassed! LOL! When I opened my eyes, I was like, FML there's no Thelma here!

This post is crap, I know, it just amused me that I could feel embarrassed even when I'm asleep! When I told Tatay, he wasn't at all surprised because he's kind of used to my weird dreams and I'm kind of used to him talking in his sleep also! LOL! The best part was that I was reminded of a great movie!

Young Brad Pitt wasn't yet famous here.

I cried at the ending. Who didn't??

True friendship. Loyalty. Bad assness.

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