To You

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I remember once there was a guy- there is always a guy- who I once loved and who loved me. I think back on those days when we just drove around and I, riding shotgun, would turn to him, and literally, like having asthma attack but in a good way, he took my breath away. Like he was my life support, everything depended upon him. I loved everything about him, until this very day, he will forever be that guy that I fell inlove with whole-heartedly; who when he left took my heart with him and threw it in some ditch never to be discovered.

And now I am afraid that is the dilemma, my incapability of ever writing something of essence, of which any feeling I will pour in; soulless, is what  all it'll ever be; my soul, I think, he took as well.


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