Twin Bombings in Davao

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Last night after work I went to the mall near our office, Abreeza Mall, to get my glasses fixed. I was already outside the mall then everything went dark. There was a black out. I immediately texted Tatay and checked on them, if the black out reached our home. Tatay affirmed and said Zoey was frightened which is ofcourse natural. Inside Abreeza naturally lights were working because of generators. Still I got a little freaked out when the light went out for a little over two seconds. I didn't get my glasses fixed and just ended up buying doughnuts and sundaes for Tatay and the offspring.

Went home, lights were back up on the streets, got home safely watched the news, eat, bathe, sleep. Yeah, a very normal night. Woke up around 6 in the morning and received a text message from a friend, clarifying if there was really an explosion in a cinema at some mall. It didn't really sunk in yet. Maybe I was still a bit groggy. Tatay got up and used the loo, and I turned on the TV thinking I'd be right in time for the early local news.

There really was an explosion in a cinema of a mall. Two explosions, actually, inside cinemas of two different malls, both set off in the last full shows, around 9:00 pm onward. Thank God no one was seriously hurt and the police, bomb squads and fire departments responded right away.

It's kind of eerie to think that there were (improvised) bomb explosions in a time when our city mayor, hailed as the Punisher, Rodrigo Duterte, was on a business trip in South Korea, but has just got back here this morning. Definitely I think the bombers chose this perfect time because the most feared in the city was not here.

With the goings-on in our neighboring province in Zamboanga, people can not help but think that this is related to it. But MNLF Davao chairman Rolando Abdul Aziz Olamit gave an assurance that they have nothing to do with the bombings, and Mayor Duterte also said in a conference this morning that he had spoken with MNLF Founder Nur Misuari that there was no order to attack the city and the Mayor believes both of them, and that's good enough for me if the Mayor truly believes it.

What's worrying me sick is that we don't know who's doing all this and there has been no claims. However in a statement, Mr. Olamit have this to say: "May third force na nakapasok dito at malaki'ng grupo din ito [There's a third force that got in and it's a big group]", Olamit said, hinting that they belong to an international terrorist group. He told reporters that prior to the incident he got an overseas call telling him terror groups are in Mindanao.  -[Manila Bulletin]

If that's not freaking you out yet:

Davao City Police Office (DCPO) chief Senior Supt. Ronald Dela Rosa said that Davao City have been receiving bomb threats since July of this year. -[Manila Bulletin]

Obviously it's to sow fear that they are doing this, but let us not be put down, let us have confidence in our city's security measures and investigating ability that this will be resolved soon. Let's all continually pray for peace, especially in Zamboanga City.

Davaonyos keep safe and practice constant vigilance.


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