Letting Go of Our Children

Monday, December 09, 2013

I can't even... excuse me? NO!!! What are you talking about??

Yeah, yeah, I'm that kind of mother. Maybe because my mom was a little like this with me too.

For yesterday's devotional I am reminded that our children are not ours, not forever. They will leave us eventually "like an arrow of a warrior when fired." Just thinking about this, and I know, it won't happen anytime soon, I'm tearing up. I'm always afraid for her, even when I know she's in capable hands while I'm at work I still worry. What more when she's all alone out there in that cruel, cruel world? These are things I cannot help from happening but what I could do to prepare and well equip her is having the confidence saying more 'yes' to her when time comes, given that it won't be life threatening or any of that sort. Extreme sports? I'll think about it! Haha. And especially 'letting go' bit by bit, everyday.

One day that time will come and she won't be needing her Nanay and Tatay, and I have to everything I can that with her independence she is able to decide what's best and the right thing for her and everyone that are affected by her decisions.

I am not that confident to be that person that can teach her these. I am not the nicest person, I am not the most mature, and especially I am not that independent myself. But I pray to the Father that he gives me the wisdom and guidance to raise my daughter to be someone people could respect and be proud of.

There are a lot of things still at hand and hopefully together with Tatay, our kid and future kids grow up to be a good if not outstanding individual.

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