The Submarines - Feels Like a Lazy Sunday

Thursday, December 26, 2013

These past months I've been listening A LOT to The Submarines. They are an Indie Rock band from Los Angeles. There are only two members in the band, Blake Hazard and John Dragonetti. They both do the vocals, but Blake's voice just got me right from the moment I listened to "Xavia" from Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlists OST. I am so hooked on their songs, it's just so uplifting and happy and literally it brightens my day! When I'm listening to them I just feel like doing cart wheels and run on the beaches and maybe drink tea, you know what I mean?? My faves are Xavia and Tigers.

Here's something I just found out, Blake is the great granddaughter of F. Scott Fitzgerald! How awesome is that??

Blake Hazard and The Great Gatsby Portrait

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