Discovery Thursday - 8list, Manillenials and the Davaoist

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Hey, like the new simple, clean look? Don't mind the tabs though. I'm still trying to figure out what to put there, since this blog is just about anything and everything.

So anyway. A part of the revamping is having something to post (hopefully) everyday, except the weekends. I designated categories for each day. More on that on the next post. Today is Thursday, and time to share with you some sites I have discovered just recently.

I like lurking and reading stuff from these sites. Their local sites and I'm really proud that they're all homegrown. Definitely something for the teens and young adults.

1. First, is
This site counts the 8 things to everything that us Filipinos can relate to and to whatever's trending in the country. My favorite article is 8 Filipino Words That Don’t Translate To English.

2. Manillenials
Manillenials, a group of young professionals just trying to make the most of their time as millennials in Metro Manila. x

Not all of us are from Manila, but they still have great writings that we readers can relate to.

3. The Davaoist
I don't know why I haven't chanced upon this site before. I got so upset thinking that I missed so many new things that are happening in my own city! Now where do I get the time to binge-read all of their articles?

Strange, 'cause they don't have an About page. I don't know the people or the person behind this awesome site. Basically the blog writes about awesome people from our city, from photographers, musicians, skaters, to graphic designers.

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