Thankful Fridays - No More Wheezing!

Friday, September 05, 2014

My daughter's cough, had been a very long ordeal. It all started with a seemingly usual cough. We medicated her with her usual cough syrup that has always been effective for her. A week has passed and still the cough was still there. We waited out another week before bringing her to her pedia, where she was given three different types of nebules and an antibiotic. This still didn't do the trick. The wheezing was still there, and a little cough. Another set of medication was prescribed, plus muntelukast which she has to take for three months. Another week later, the cough was almost gone but the wheezing persisted. Another set of antibiotic was prescribed, by this time I was already worried out of my mind for my kid. She had the possibility of TB since there was exposure and because of genetics. After yet another week, we were referred to a specialist. This doctor did a skin test, PPD. We were to come back today, Friday, for the result.

Hallelujah! The test was negative! Thank you, Father, for keeping Zoey in you arms.

Even before we had Zoey, this had always been my fear, that she'd be like me, asthmatic, or might even have TB just like I had. I still suffer  from hair fall because of my previous medications. Although I have been better since my elementary years, I still sometimes experience wheezing and short of breath.

Zoey wearing a traditional costume, baro't saya, for her school's Buwan ng Wika.

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