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Monday, September 08, 2014

Yesterday I turned 26. My mom thought I was still 25. My classmates think I'm 22. Guess which age I like better? I would love to be 22 forever!

Looking back this past year, I have a lot to thanks for. All credit, ofcourse, goes to the Big Man up above. My family and I have been so blessed all our lives. We are all healthy, especially our babies, and we are all together. That will always be enough for me. That is what I'm mostly thankful of.

Well my mom, always the generous and thoughtful person, threw a pool party. Me with my family and the friends who are already like family to us, it was all perfect! What more could I ask?

My mom also treated me to a salon. Yeah! highlighted my hair, I wanted something not so obvious, but would only show in the glint of light. I chose a dark chesnut color. It looked great on the sample, but since my hair was a virgin with color treatment, it was brighter than it should be. But I like it nonetheless.

I should really get a blower, my hair should always look this awesome!

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