La Carmina in the Philippines!

Monday, October 13, 2014

I have been following La Carmina's blog for a while now. She's a gothic Japanese  Canadian lady that's been traveling all over the world. That's the thing that I love most about her blog, seeing pictures of her travels! She doesn't go where most tourists would, so it's very refreshing to read about unlikely places and people in different countries.

It had never, even for once, crossed my mind that she would go to the Philippines! But here she is, in Cebu, specifically. I like that she took the time to know things about out culture, like the origin of our jeepneys. She was curious what kind of street food we had, which are mostly fish balls, kwek-kwek and barbecues of chicken/pig parts. She should try the balut! The best thing is, she doesn't mind the heat. She still wore the usual gothic clothes, as gothic as they come.

Welcome to our country La Carmina and enjoy your stay! Please come back often!

welcome dessert

love or lemons corset dress 
Read about her post here and  stay tuned 'cause she has more posts to come about her stay here!

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