She's Back

Monday, October 13, 2014

Woah! I just watched the second episode of Legend of Korra last night. Don't judge me! Academic reasons, and was also cut off from the internet. Clearly I've missed the most important thing in the history of Legend of Korra!

Toph Bei Fong was and will always be my favorite in the Avatar world. She's so badass and she's so awesome. Seriously, she's my fucking hero! When her character first appeared on the Last Airbender, I instantly knew my goal in life! To be an earth bender. Hey a girl can dream right?

It was really really frustrating to have to go through those seasons of Korra without Toph. So when i found out Katara was there but no Toph?! Really?! Katara's my least favorite of the Team Avatar. No Aang as well, I let that go too, atleast he did cameos. Then on the third season, showing the rest of the Bei Fong clan, I was a hundred percent sure Toph would finally appear. But nothing until the end of that season.

The season 4 premiere was the worst premiere ever and so part of the reason I wasn't too eager for the second episode, which I now regret, but anyways what's done is done. Toph is here and I bet she's gonna knock some sense to Korra and wake her up from her depression or whatever it is she's in a state of now.

This show's about to get more badass with the return of Toph. I just wish she sticks till the end of the season, be like an adviser to Korra or whatever. Better yet, Toph should be the Earth Queen! God, that's a great idea! Toph for Earth Queen!


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