The Year of the Foos

Friday, October 03, 2014

I love that everywhere I look there's news about the Foo Fighters! Unlike when they went on hiatus, or what Pat Smear calls "I-hate-us," I have to go to tumblr pages or other fan sites that have the same love (or even bigger) for the band just so to feel some excitement, you know? But they have been teasing us since early this year and I know that's driving everyone insane. I still have my fingers crossed that they'd be doing an Asian tour, and of course they have to drop by my country, why wouldn't they? They have millions of fans here! Someone should really do the RVA-thing here. Please, please can someone launch a kickstarter or let's crowd-source to bring Foo Fighters back in the Philippines! The last time they played here was in 1996. That's a little longer than in Richmond. Well the Foos fans from Birmingham are already at it!

The 8-episode series, Sonic Higways will premiere in HBO on October 17, 11PM ET. Since I live half-way across the world, I'd have to stream the show live. So that's like 11AM here the next day (Oct. 18). That's a better time than when I had to live stream The Legend of Korra at 7AM! On a Saturday! It's fine though, I love TLoK (premiering later!!!). Currently the band is putting on finishing touches.

Foo Fighters Sonic Highways

On November 10, Sonic Highways: The Album will be dropping in record stores and it's also available for pre-order on their site, wherein you can choose which cover you like. The vinyl pressings of the album are packaged in nine different covers, depicting each of the eight cities but there are no guarantees which cover you'll be having. The first single of this album will premiere along with Sonic Highways series. In the Invictus Games, the Foos played in the closing ceremony, and in the middle of The Pretender they played a snippet of their new song Outside.

See they're everywhere and buzzing about. Good thing GWAR's drummer Jizmak won't be killing Dave Grohl... yet! He still has to save rock 'n roll!

Woooh! Great year for Foo Fighters and Foo fans everywhere!

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