The Legend of Korra Season 4 Premiere

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Like I said, I don't think I'm ready yet for Season 4. Let me just say outright that this was the worse premiere ever.

3 years later...

The first of the avatar team we see is Asami. Yeah, she's using her talents and helping Republic City, and it seems like she's had established her company again. Why doesn't she look happy? Then there's Mako. Obviously he's not happy being the personal body guard of the prince.

Opal and Kai are not exactly team avatar, but they are in a sad state as well. They are so helpless! Apparently three years of training is not enough to stop one bandit! They were "home base," in the air and there were two of them! That was so frustrating to watch.

Kuvira a.k.a. the Great Uniter what's the deal?! She showed so much promise last season.Was there any betrayal to Suyin? Basing on what Opal said looks like there is, but Baatar Jr. is whit her as wells as Bolin. Hopefully in the next episode, that'll be made clear. Bolin seemed happy though. As Kai said, he found his calling - to help people.

The saddest part of all... Korra. Girl, what happened to you?! Depression ate her up. She used to not care about money. She liked winning.

This episode sucks!

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