Decisions, Decisions

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

With two of my friends working in the bank and a friend's mom, and also me being in the bank sometimes, it kinda got me thinking that I want to work in a bank. Haven't really done something about it... not really considering it- yet!
I don't know if it's those uniforms or the environment or the benefits? Or am I already bored with my current work? Nah! I don't think I am, but to tell you it's not all that exciting also, but still not yet bored with it. Wanting for a challenge maybe? Hmmmm... Could be!
So last night was Air Supply date night with Laurice and Joanne. Joanne's that friend who works in the bank, I kinda got to telling her about my current thing. She totally encouraged me to submit a resume. She said they were always hiring. Last night I was completely decided that I was really gonna submit a resume. Then I woke up this morning and all the thoughts crashed into me.
How will working full time in a bank, especially with all the OTs, give me time for my Master's? (As if lang na madawat!) I'm currently working full-time but I actually have time to spare and have no work to take home, and no OTs! Which got me thinking if I still want to teach? Yeah, with all my heart I do! But not pretty sure of that as well, because admittedly I know I'm just stalling. My first semester at graduate school was not fun at all, so not looking forward to that. I'm determined to finish it though. "Determined" is yet to be defined.
As I'm writing now, I've decided that I will try to submit a resume where Joanne works, if there's no call then that's it. That will be a sign to stop this madness. BUT WHAT IF THEY'D CALL ME? Will try to think about that. lolers!

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