Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 23, 2012

We're in the PH and there are no Thanksgiving Holidays here. But still I would like to state the things that I am thankful for:

1. Thank you for the achievement of surviving the first year with our daughter, Ryanne Zoey. It has been tough, but none that we couldn't handle.

2. Thank you to my partner for sticking it out with me even when I become unbearable (I can't bear myself either!). It even came to a point where I kicked you out but you still came back and forgave my childishness.

3. Thankful for my work!

4. Thankful for my mom, gave us shelter and food, and more than that!

5. Thanks to Zoey's nanny, Inday, becuase let's face it, the things that she does for Zoey aren't half the things I've experienced while with Zoey.

6. Thankful for Zoey's doctor because I never once felt that she was juicing us like other doctors.

7. Thankful for loyal friends who are always, always, always there. Even the ones from afar!

8. Thank you for the inspiring movies, TV shows, musics, blogs that have entertained me this year. I'm sure I learned something.

9. Thankful and honored to read stories, novels, poems... keeps my heart on check.

10. Most especially, thank you Father for guiding me and my family always, everyday, unconditionally.

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