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Friday, November 09, 2012

I'm so happy to share with everyone an amazing news!
Zoey has a new playmate.
A close friend, has a bun in her oven, as they say. I could not be more glad to be one of the first people to know.
Just last Sunday Zoey celebrated her first birthday. My friend, being Zoey's godmom, was naturally there. Then she told me the good news. I could not explain the happiness I felt on that moment. Knowing that I was maybe the second to know. Remembering when I was in her situation, I couldn't say that I really had someone. You know, a friend that I could talk to about this, being one of the firsts in our circle to have a baby. I only had my older sister, which was good. But I was looking for that deeper kind of talk one which I could truthfully express my fears and hopes.
I really sound freaky right now, being overly excited for someone elses pregnancy. You see, those times when I was pregnant I didn't see any of my friends. I don't think any of them saw me with my big tummy. One went abroad, others worked outside the city, and others were just really busy building their careers and living their lives. I really felt alone. Pao was there, but most of the times I couldn't stand him. Hormones, go figure. That's all good and gone now. I just don't want someone to feel what I had felt, especially a friend.
I will be here for her, every step of the way... Only if she wants me to! That was rather assuming of me. Haha!
Here's the thing, I thought I was preggo too. Had a test today and it turned out negative. Wouldn't it have been nice to be both preggo? Teehee... So cheesy.

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