Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Tonight

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

As to the penumbral lunar eclipse, it describes a phenomenon when the Moon only enters the penumbra of the Earth. During a penumbral lunar eclipse, the brightness of the Moon is only marginally reduced. While it is nearly unnoticeable to the naked eyes, the change in brightness can be recorded accurately by a camera. -

It's the second and last lunar eclipse of this year. It will be happening in the Philippines tonight at 8:12 PM to 12:53 AM (Nov. 29). The eclipse will also be visible in Europe, East Africa, Asia, Pacific and the North America.

Can you imagine that? Different people all over the world will be looking up in the sky and will see the same moon (which is always there every night!) But tonight is special because of the eclipse. Makes you wonder about this wondrous universe.

Why does the moon have this romantic appeal? It's just so beautiful, I guess it radiates and makes people feel that tingly feeling inside.

Happy sky gazing!!

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