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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Let me admit outright that I only saw the first The Incredibles because of my little nephew... but dang I love this film! Besides that it's funny and the most awesome movie ever, it instilled in me great family values which I still carry to my heart even now that I have my own family. I literally just cried when I read the news of a sequel, honest to God!

All those years of Pixar releasing sequels for Toy Story, Monsters Inc. and Cars... it was like emotional torture! When are they gonna make the sequel for The Incredibles? Even when it wasn't a Pixar or Disney related film and has an upcoming sequel, I would say, "great, they have a sequel for that and nothing yet for The Incredibles." And yes, I even went far as to almost  hire a witch to cast a spell on Brad Bird to get the sequel moving along. JK. I understand he's a very busy man and I don't want this sequel to feel rushed that was why I'm willing to wait, but our patience is sometimes tested.

But now, at this very day a miracle has happened... okay, okay, not so much a miracle but A WISH COME TRUE! It is true when they say that if you wish hard enough, it will come true! I wished hard along with other millions out there!

Here's the story from Hypable:
During a shareholders conference call Tuesday morning, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that plans are currently in the works for The Incredibles 2 and Cars 3.
Brad Bird is back and making the story as we speak! Who cares about Cars 3?! The second movie sucked! I hope they redeem themselves with this one... Oh whatever! The Incredibles is what's important!

2016 would be too early for a release for the sequel, but they'd be doing it like a boss if they do get to release it on that year.

Come on people, say it with me!

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