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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I was hanging around the internet looking for something cute to ogle on. So I thought of cute, something kawaii, something Japanese maybe... aha! Kawaii Japanese kids! Which led me to this...


The photographer is Toyokazu Nagano and the model of his reminiscent photos is his youngest daughter Kanna.

For me what makes his photos wonderful is that he uses the same setting, there's just this feeling of warmth and familiarity that you're introduced to as you see the series of photographs. It makes you want to go that place and take a photo there yourself! I'm sure I won't get cute photos like his. FML. Oh, and notice the rice fields, I just love the whole cycle of it.


There's also one photographer I chanced upon. He's not Japanese but his subjects in his photographs are Japanese.

The name of the photographer is Bruce Osborn. He calls this project Oyako series. The subjects dress up in what they do in life or their occupation, which gives stark contrast between parents and their children.

Oyako means parents-children in Japanese and is the title of a series I have been photographing since 1982. In the process of photographing hundreds of parents and children it has become my life work. Focusing on this basic relationship, I am able to see the changes that Japanese society is going through.


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