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Friday, March 28, 2014

Foo Fighters to RVA
Buying a ticket for a concert that has no date, no venue, no certainty of ever happening, but the band that will supposedly play is your most favorite band in the world... would I buy a ticket? Hell yeah!!!

Foo Fighter fans in Richmond are so hardcore. The band last played in RVA (Richmond, VA) in 1998 and the ‘Help bring the Foo Fighters back to RVA!’ group are selling 1,400 Foo Fighters concert tickets in the hopes that the band will see the effort and eventually come back to play.

Andrew Goldi, the organizer said, “They’re awesome and we’re all really big fans and they do a lot of fun stuff. We can really see them being flattered and into the idea."I totally agree, the Foos would be ecstatic about this. If there are no problems with the band, then I don't see why this should not happen. Well ofcourse they have to sell those tickets stat.

“There’s zero risk. Either the band will come and play and you’ll get what you paid for or they won’t come and everyone gets every penny back,” he said. “We’re not making a dime off this. In fact, we’ll never even see the money. Crowdhoster (the crowd funding site we’re using) holds on to all money and then if the show happens, the money will be transferred to the band, venue, etc.” x

I wish it were that simple to come see Foo Fighters. I hope they have a world tour and come back to the Philippines. The last time they were here was in 1996, and I didn't even know them yet and I was like 8 years old!

Look how cheap tickets were then!

I wish their new album was out and they get to touring so we can breathe normally with all these waiting and holding our breathes. Really, they're are driving me mad with anticipation. I am so itching to hear new materials from them.


Update: I don't know if this is even the official FB page of the band, but I saw this blog about the Foo Fighters mentioning my home
This was in 2011 so... where are you now guys? We're all waiting here to rock with you!

Foo Fighters Fans Selling Tickets For Potential Concert to Convince Band to Play Richmond

Foo Fighters have yet to announce an extensive North American tour for 2014, but a few of the band’s enterprising fans in Richmond, Va. are not only hoping the group comes to play, they’re banking on it. Organizers Andrew Goldin, Brig White, John McAdorey and Lucas Krost have launched a campaign to bring the band back to town after 15 years away with the promise of tickets sold.

Read More: Richmond-Based Foo Fighters Fans Campaigning for Concert |

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