Librarian Reviews her Husband's Vinyl Collection - I'm Hooked!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

This is the cute librarian I'm talking about and I don't know her name! It's not mentioned in her blog, I only know the name of her husband, Alex.

I learned about her from reading Gigwise. I thought it was a curious thing, and I love librarians so any of their thoughts are interesting for me. I read the first entry of her blog, and it was about her critics and kudos to her response, which is by not responding, and I love the last line: “Let’s lie on the living room floor and listen to records together!” I have the best marriage ever.

I better rekindle that project of mine to do something with the boyfriend. We used to watch movies all the time and Naruto, but work strains got the best of us and we seldom do it together now. I miss talking about what we thought of the movie and who we thought was hot in them, LOL! I'm so envious that this couple have their vinyls.

Anyhoo, I love that she's not the technical type of writer so I feel what she's feeling, like we have the same style in writing, which is simple and descriptive... but she's way way way more eloquent! So yeah maybe we are not on the same league, fml.

I also love that her husband Alex have post scripts in most of the entries, about his thoughts in his wife's review of that particular album. They're fun to read about.

Definitely adding her to my feeds! So happy it's like finding a treasure!

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