Godly Parent

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

You cannot force your child to grow up to be a godly person, but you can be a godly parent.

It was only when I was pregnant that I got to studying the word of God. Zoey's turning two and I'm proud to say I'm still here in the process of understanding and building up a relationship with God.

I was not born with the most religious parents, we went to church regularly at some point but all of it wasn't really that heartily. My siblings and I found getting up early on a Sunday very taxing. So my mom got always flared up because we lagged too much then miss the start of the service and another groan in our part 'cause we have to attend the next one and finish it too. The only consolation of that Sunday was the food right after. We usually went to Dencia's.

In my early college years I went regularly with two highschool friends, Vince and Faye. It was always 4pm. The first time I could say that I was really feeling the going to church thing. But don't get me wrong, eventhough  we're so tight, we weren't like some of those tweens that went with their friends to church because of their crush or something and end up disturbing other church goers from their noises. We rarely spoke when mass started, our full attention infront. See we were good teenagers! It's funny thinking where we all are now and how we used to be. We usually didn't give money (when baskets are being passed down) because we had nothing to give hehehe. Now Vince is some hotshot in a BPO company. I can say he was the very first successful kid from our batch (that's because he left school early) and I'm very proud of him (he has abs now! LOL). Faye is also doing finely working in a bank and she deserves everything because she's the brightest and the most hard working person I've ever met (She's made her family's dream come true by buying a house and lot)! And me? I'm a mother to Ryanne Zoey.

Tatay and I, pre-Zoey, used to go to different churches to hear mass here in our city. So far we've visited more than a dozen churches. I'd like to think that this was a preparation for our being a parent, as well as knitting a tight relationship, that is godly. We have learned a lot and we continue learning. We take Zoey to church, young as she is, and I know she still doesn't understand anything about it, but we want her to be comfortable in the church because when she bigger I want her to understand it as the normal thing to do, to know God and build her relationship with Him. Like how my mom tried, but failed, to instill in us a church-going virtue, I'm not gonna try and instill that in her too. I'm gonna show my Zoey how happy I am with the virtue that I have because I want her to come to Him and understand Him on her own free will. It's means a lot more that way.


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