Thursday, June 27, 2013

Yeah I'm guilty of being too envious of things, latest gadgets, trends and etc. But I know my limit and somehow I can suppress these desires.

As I contemplate on these, I don't want Zoey to have to feel this way. The frustration I feel everytime I see something that I really want although I don't really need. Like right now I want so much to buy a tablet. Doesn't have to be top of the line or something, I just want to have one. It's really unreasonable when it comes down to that. Most people now have tablet and I don't wanna be left out? My only consolation is that I have been way left out so why start catching up now, right? I foresee a different thing for Zoey, when she'll be a little older. I'm afraid when all her friends or classmates will have something that she doesn't have, I don't want her to feel all shitty and feel like a loser, because frankly I can't honestly say what our future financial status will be, and even if we could afford it, there's still Tatay who doesn't believe in indulgence.

Hence, my challenge as a parent is to show her that I'm not enslaved to material things, that I'm quite contented with what I have and that there are things that are more important and that is the love of spiritual things.

God has much more for us than the things we desire here on earth, yet we often live in a way our kids cannot see that truth.

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