Pol Medina Quits Philippine Daily Inquirer

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pol Medina Jr. is creator of the satirical Pugad Baboy. The strip shown apparently offended a known Exclusive Catholic School, St. Scholastica. The school threatened to file a lawsuit if PDI will fail to do anything about it. Well, PDI suspended Sir Medina, but he didn't want any of this bull and so he resigned from the newspaper which showed his comic strip daily since May 18, 1988. The comic strip older than I am!

I think this is very unfair. Sir Medina has made satirical jokes about things way serious than this! But this, this three-paned comic strip finally did it? I don't even wanna talk about how shitty this all feels.

This is not the last that we will hear of Sir Medina, I just know it. He is too genius a cartoonist and satirist to stop because of this absurd issue they fail to accept as truth.

I'm right behind you, Sir!


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