10 Days to go Till ONE OK ROCK Comes to the Philippines

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Ten days. This shot is really getting real. Going to this concert is probably the most important thing I've done in my adult life as a music fan. 

I am so out of topics to talk about.... *crickets

Oh here's one. I DON'T HAVE ANY OFFICIAL MERCH OF ONE OK ROCK. Shocking? Not really for me. Merch are really expensive. A shirt is twice the price of a regular shirt and I've poured in enough money already for this concert. The tickets alone was already a fortune for me! And I bought tickets for two... And then there's the airfare... Though We bought it cheaper, the price is still steep... And accomodations! I booked the cheapest one I could find for two nights. Anything close to the venue doubled the price of where we'll be staying at. The money we saved for that will be used for jeep ey rides. I don't want to ride taxis as much as possible. Riding a taxi in Manila is like being mugged. 

But I don't wanna wear an ordinary shirt to the concert... So I thought of just print a shirt here that will only cost me a quarter of the price of an official merch shirt. But what to print? I'm really digging that inverted triangle logo but there's nowhere to find a great copy of that. 😂

Anyhoo. Best of luck to me. Hope i can find a design. 


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