6 Days To Go Till ONE OK ROCK Comes to the Philippines

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Things I still need for the trip/concert:

1. ONE OK ROCK shirt. -  Still haven't found the time to go to a t-shirt printing shop.

2. Backpack - I have girly back packs, Pao will never use it. The last time we went to Manila, we bought a big duffle bug. Bringing that on this trip would be too inconvenient.

3. Violet hair - Yes, this is very important. For about a week or so I had my dream violet hair. But it was fading too fast! By the third week my hair was already light brown. It cost me more than my back-and-forth plane ticket. I contacted the stylist that did my hair and thankfully he said he'll fix it at no charge. I scheduled it this coming Saturday so when we go to Manila to watch the concert it will have a vibrant, angry violet color. I sort of want to stand out a little. I may not be the only violet-haired fan there but, I feel good about it so....

Dec. 19

(I'll update this post later with m current hair color)

4. Manicure - I need to freshen it up. Loving grey on my nails!

I know my list is getting girlier and girlier!! Haha! I can't help it!

Lastly, the most important thing we need is.......


I don't even have to explain it.


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