Back to Reality

Thursday, January 21, 2016

I'm back at work now and back to reality. The past three days was like a dream. A dream that I will treasure all my life.

I owe this blog the last two days of the count down I started. We were already there in Manila and though there was wifi at our hotel, I just really couldn't force myself to post because of too much excitement.

This was what we did on the supposed "2 days more before the concert" countdown:

After landing at NAIA Terminal 3, we met up with fellow ONE OK ROCKers from Davao but parted ways right after as we had different accommodations. We had lunch at the nearby McDonald's. It was right beside a beautiful church so we went there after eating to light a candle and pray. It was St. Therese Church in Newport. Newport was such a lovely place. The church was surrounded by high skyscrapers, hotels and condos.

Just outside the church we hailed a taxi to take us to our hotel, the Stone House Hotel, in Aurora Blvd. We arrived at the hotel less than 15 minutes later. The taxi meter said PhP87. We gave him PhP100. He said that there was supposed to be an additional of PhP50. We were dumb founded and speechless. The driver, seemingly irritated, shooed us away. He said that it was fine already. So we got off. But we still can't help but feel robbed off because he didn't gave us our change for the hundred bucks.

I'll continue this post later.

(I have to go back to work!)

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