Hang-ups and Late Realizations

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Dammit! Just when I thought that (one ok rock) concert didn't left me with anything, then this happens!

I found myself looking at some of the videos I recorded during the concert. (it's prohibited of course, but I only took short vids and not the whole show! Plus, it's used for personal purposes only. Won't even post it here. Video is bad quality but audios are damn fine)

They played Wherever You Are in their encore and Pao was able to record half of it. I just lost it, man. My chest started to tighten, I was heaving and the next thing I knew tears were falling down... T_T

What is this late reaction?! Gahd, it's the most awful feeling. I realized I have not moved on after all. Although I never knew when I've caught on. I was there all along from the start. It just needed a little triggering.

I'm upset about this hang over but at the same time it's a great feeling because now I know that concert really did mean something to me... 

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