11 Days To Go Till ONE OK ROCK Comes to the Philippines

Friday, January 08, 2016

ELEVEN MORE DAYS YOU GUYS!!! (grabs hair from too much excitement)

Our country, Philippines, is made up of three huge islands, namely: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The capital of our country is Manila and that's where ONE OK ROCK will be holding their concert, and that's in Luzon. I'm from Davao City and this is all the way down south, in Mindanao. I've mentioned from previous posts that I have to take a plane to see them, EVEN THOUGH THIS SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME BUT BECAUSE I LOVE THEM, SO FUCK IT.

Manila is a very different place compared to where I grew up and I've only been there once last October. But that was different 'cause that was a family thing and we hired a van to take us anywhere we wanted to go. Plus, everything was taken care of by my mom - financially. LOL.

Beside watching the concert, we plan on going to places we were not able to go to the last time. That's why we took an earlier flight to Manila on the 18th so we can go somewhere in the afternoon/night. And an evening flight back home on the 20th, that was further pushed back by a cancelled flight.

The places we plan on going to are:

Star City


National Musuem

Manila Cathedral

San Agustin Church

Rizal Park

To see the famous Manila Bay sunset

Mall of Asia (we went there the last time but only stayed there for like half an hour)

And for business, we're heading to some office in Quezon City, which is a bit far from Pasay. And to shop some imported goods in Shop and Carry in Makati.

Wish we can have time to go to Manila Zoo as well... But I think that's too out of the way?

Anyways, I've been endlessly checking google maps and using all sorts of sites to find out what to ride to get from one point to the next. Getting really anxious that we'll get lost. And hailing a taxi is not an option! I'm sorry but their taxis have such bad reputations, that I'm really scared to ride one.


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