7 Days to go till ONE OK ROCK Comes to the Philippines

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


I don't know what to write anymore! Lolol!

Okay, so I'll just probably update you with my academics.

So I've been coming back to school since last Saturday to take care of my application for taking the comprehensive exam. After-which, when I pass those exams, I can enroll for thesis and be done with graduate school, hopefully next year.

Our Division Head scheduled my exam along with two other examiners on the 23rd and 30th. But since next week we'll be in Manila for 3 days and there is no effing way I'll be able to get over the concert in a weeks time and just jump right on to study for that exam. Nope, no way at all! So I asked her to reschedule my exam. So she pushed it back a week.

Hahahaha... For all she knows I'm going to Manila for some conference or seminar, when in fact I'll be watching a rock concert!!! Lolololol!!!!

The best excuse to reschedule an exam? So I can watch ONE OK ROCK live! \m/


*walking away from responsibility like...

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